About Makkah Chamber



To make Makkah Chamber a pioneering model for the development of business and society


Providing the best services,  for the private sector, to create an attractive investment environment through the latest technologies, and supporting the Business community by enhancing community contribution.


Strengthening the status of Makkah to become the largest business hub

Support Makkah community

Achieving financial sustainability

Achieving organizational excellence


The Shura Council’s decision was issued to nominate members of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Makkah for the first session No. 259 and dated 11/15/1367 AH, and they are: Hosni Qamah, Abdullah Bahamdeen, Ahmed Al-Juffali, Muhammad Mustafa Ashour, Siraj Kaaki, Hussein Justiniya, Muhammad Nour Qutb, Mahmoud Milyani Subhi Al-Ama, Ismail Abdullah Dahlawi, Taha Khayat, Siraj Boghari, then the supreme approval was issued for the Shura Council Resolution No. 666 on 1/17/1368 AH, and the first council of the Chamber of Commerce in Makkah Al-Mukarramah was held at the Secretariat of the Holy Capital, at ten o’clock on Sunday 20/1 / 1368 A.H. In this meeting, Sheikh Siraj Boghari was chosen as the first president of the Chamber, and Sheikh. Abdullah Bahamdin as second president and Sheikh. Hussein Justiniyeh, as Secretary. With the blessing of Allah, the legacy of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Makkah Al-Mukarramah began, and despite the offer Sheikh Hosni made his apology, and withdrew from being a member of the Chamber's Council since the beginning of the session, just as Sheikh. Abdullah Bahamdeen did not complete the first session due to his death on 9/8/1369 AH. They were replaced by Sheikh. Muhammad Sadiq al-Mujadidi and Sheikh. Hamza Ajjaj. 

Sheikh. Mohammad Ahmed Boghari was chosen from outside the council as secretary, for all the council’s of foreign language and correspondence needs, as he served the chamber in his role until he was elected president of the chamber in the year 1384 AH. The names of the chairmen and members of the boards of directors that have been in the Chamber's membership have been arranged since its establishment until the present day.

Board of Directors

Chairman and members of the Board of Directors of Makkah Chamber for the twenty-first session

Board of Directors